Hoosier Popcorn 100% Sunflower Oil: 3 TBSP
Hoosier Popcorn 100% Indiana Kernels: 1/3 Cup
Hoosier Popcorn 100% Sea Salt: As Desired

Before Popping, make sure you use a pan with a lid so the oil and kernels are contained.


1) Pour 3 TBSP of oil into pan
2) Add 3 kernels
3) Turn on heat to medium
4) Once you hear the 3 kernels pop, pour in the 1/3 cup of kernels.
5) As the kernels pop, shuffle them around either manually or with a crank.
6) When popping slows to one pop every 1-2 seconds, remove from heat.
7) Quickly empty the popped corn into a bowl.
8) Season with our 100% Fine Sea Salt to taste. (We recommend sprinkling a generous layer on top and shaking so that it distributes down to the other popcorn.)

ENJOY your warm, healthy, local, snack!

WARNING: Don’t try to jam too many kernels in at once or you will notice the popcorn will be chewy. Stick with 1/3 cup at a time for best results.

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